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CM: Luna The Cat by Shide-Dy
Serin by Alloween
CM .:Pixel Alstrard The Wolf:. by Shide-Dy
CM +Pixel Luna The Cat+ by Shide-Dy
Featured 2
Art Trade with Diecchii by NekoMichaels
New Profile by WilliamTheEarth
Hidden treasures by Novenarts
Esyld by princelywitch
Gift :: Altanie Aton Summer 2016 by Nafyo-Toons

Mature Content

Commission 2: Princess Flora by LustfulHunter

Mature Content

Sally wants some... by Spocky87

Mature Content

Rat the sewers queen by theHyenasSBE
Commission: Princess Flora by LustfulHunter
Amazonian Jackie by Jaehthebird
Yuri Yuusha by Ryuuken-Master
Cute selkie girl or seal mermaid by Cyberalbi
Gift.:Pixel Shade:. by Shide-Dy
I Have Seen Everything (Animated) by Zerio666
Ranisha by Wertgard
Gift: for Koorimizu-K by Shide-Dy
Shades of Love by Levn
Gift: Blaze found V2 by eeveeV2
Hurting words and punches by cesaralexis
I love You and that's all I know by Redfoxsoul
The Berserker Redux by Pandaking757
(Request) Shark Gurl by Shauvin
Kipcha Silver and Gold Badge by Levn

Mature Content

Vikavolt pokemorph by ZinZoa
hot Mimi maid by DreamEclipseWolf
Don't Be Jealous XD LOL by Tripp-X-Foxx
Lord Rammy - RULE 63 Version by Spocky87
Mina Van Draco : Awareness of Breast Cancer by Nafyo-Toons
Sally the Skiddo by Spocky87
Bubbblegum Candy by ModernYasha
Maid Latte - Request by AruOwlsArts
Ruby and Aura Comission by Jaehthebird
Matt Bat by lemonbrat
Akward by Cjrocker
Hai to Gensou no Grimmgal - Kobold Sketch by KeIIion
Zayne Flower Bust by Bitani49
Karushi with Poros by NekoMichaels
Puma Guy Relax by talpimado
You had one job!!! by Ryuuken-Master
Late Night Rendezvous by CatCouch
Planks and Owls by PhrogSpawn258
Sleep, while I read by Pikuna
(Gift) ARPR by Shauvin
Equestria Christmas Carollers by SquareSausage
I didn't sign up for this kind of rodeo! by MistressAdaira
Repaia Kaldaka - Feral by Maple-Blood
Ohai by CrazzyMutt
Sometimes everybody gets pissed off by TheBlackStarWolf
Box-O-Fox!! by GJWolf
Timeless Encounters Page 228 by MikeOrion
Bdish All previously landed plane rammed shed by JayDesertFox
God Only Knows by MikeOrion
N.O.T.H page 21 by Ryuuken-Master
Growin' Up by Shauvin
Infosheet Pi'Kusha by Pikuna
Fullsuit Commission for Kiba Lonewolf by SaigoZangetzu
Werewolf Mike by ElementalFurs
Christmas Weasel by bkatt500

Mature Content

Mature Content

Leslie's Chocolate Addiction 4 - WIP by AnthroLoverJay
YCHAuction- Get on with it!~Closed~ by Creativeimaginez
What We Remember the Most: Fan Comic - WIP by AnthroLoverJay
rainbow panda and her friends
request for englasdragon by deadf1
angel-girls:rainbow panda by deadf1

Mature Content

rainbow pandas LOVLEY outfit by deadf1
sandra the gladiator by deadf1


These are some pics the staff have found, that we really loved. =)








Rules are our friend!

Thanx For Tuning In! Now For The Fine Print.

Furrys4Ever is not just one of those furry groups, it's THE FURRY GROUP! Our mission is simple, To stand up in the world, proudly and declare at the top of our lungs, "WE ARE FURRY! WE LOVE FURRY! FURRY IS THE SCHIZ!" So as such were a great place to hang out, meet others and share your furry art! After all that's what were here for right? ~.^


:star:Wanna Join?
Just click on "join group" at the top of the profile.

:star:Ok But, why would I want to join?
Besides having the ability to submit art, you will stand out in the crowd by being a member and having all the rights and privileges there contained! It's like being a part of a secret society, without the decoder pin!

:star:Yay! You wanna contribute!
Click on "Submit Art" after joining the group, select your deviation and post it.

:star: The Golden Rule, AKA, A nun's attempt at discipline with style!
Ultimately when submitting, always remember that your art should conform to DA's basic rules, we are not critics and love porn as much as the next fur, but hey! there's little kids present! Now we are all for sexy, hawt, and any other form of fapping material, but try not to make it so the parent of their kids have to explain with different bodily fluids do!

:star:Floods Are Bad!
The limit of submissions is one pic a day for now, but this is mostly to help you, if you post everything at once, you will only get so much traffic. =P Your submission will be automatically placed in the "Featured" folder and our staff will try to also keep on top of things by copying the pic in it's respective folder, (i.e. a mature pic will be copied into the mature folder as well as featured). This is to allow the Featured folder to essentially be "purged" when ever it gets filled. These rules will stay the norm unless otherwise specified.

:star:If the shoe fits..
Always try to make sure your submitting your own art and not others, if you wanna post up a pic you commissioned, I am sure the artist will be more then happy to post it for you, just try the "suggest a group fav" button! That will send the artist a request to feature it and they can accept or decline the offer at their whim, but never post someone else's work, as it will be removed and reported.

:star:Um, this looks familiar?!?
Though we applaud your enthusiasm, please don't resubmit the same work several times. If it was declined/removed, or you think it was unfairly judged, you can always get in contact with a moderator and we will explain why we had to take action, and who knows, we might even reconsider it. Trust us, we have had our share of denials too. ^.^

:star:o.O OK seriously, this sucks!
Please don't get angry at us if your art is removed for any reason, there is always a very justifiable reason we would even consider removing art, as we know that even if it might not sit well with us, this is your baby, your creative endeavor, a piece of you to be enjoyed by others, so we understand the bias. But, if you try to take out retribution on us, then you will know what the searing flames of hell will fell like on yer tochus, Kay ^.^

Always remember this, we are here to help and if you have any questions/comments, please feel free to note one of us and we'll be happy to respond!



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warriorcats307 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016
Im so happy im not the only one hey does anyone make ears and tails id be very intrested on buying some
ulquiorralover1120 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I was wondering if anyone made profiles cause I would like to have one of my fursonas done for my profile!
tenchibaka Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2015
i do if you are still looking
ulquiorralover1120 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
does it cost points 
tenchibaka Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015
of course, the quality is good, it's guaranteed to be finished in a timely manner and nothing is stolen from a dress-up game XD
ShaneTheWolf Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
hi can someone invite alot stuff from me ?

I can only invite one story or one image per day..
TazHassiotis Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ok...have a question...what if I have some bondage-and I have to submit it here and it was tame-no hard core, no sex, nudity and etc. : would it pass ?
ilovefurrys-and-rp Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014
I can't find the join button!!!! Is that a glitch?
Blaze-Burnside Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
O wow... I can't bellieve there are actually others out there. Cool! :) 
Dalmataweyler Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
hello :3 *hug*
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